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Even though it was supremely nice here, we decided to head partway up the remaining bit of trail to the top of Eisenhower before stopping for our lunch break. I wanted a better perspective on the scenery, and that would be afforded if we were a little higher up than down in the col. We therefore made our way up the steep trail, climbing past iced cairns and around alternately icy, snowy and rocky switchbacks. Tricky in snowshoes.
To the Crawford Path
Busy col
Well-built ascent trail
Sublime Viewpoint
Pu hard at work
Tricky in snowshoes
After finding a suitable spot with views and spots for bums, we stopped and had lunch. Pu took a bit of extra time, photographing this and that down at the col.

We could see little dark wisps of a new type of cloud off to the north. As we watched, they quickly made their way over to the mountains of the Northern Presidentials, whisping around and draping themselves about them. These were no doubt the precursor to the change in weather that was coming. And, even though they heralded bad weather, their presence enhanced the scenic beauty of the peaks, adding some flair and drama.
View Northeast from Eisenhower Flank
The Big Picture
Dark Tendrils
White Mountain Cairn
More Dark Tendrils
Brightly-lit Rocks
Pu Joins Us
The darkness approacheth
Pu photo sequence #1
Pu photo sequence #2
Pu photo sequence #3
The Presidential range
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