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The temperature forecast was for a very cold morning, and then a rapid warming later in the day. -- however, even though it was around noon, already it was above the freezing point. There was not a breath of wind, either. The skies had a high haze, giving everything a washed-out, diffused look.

The trail continued to traverse around at a more-or-less constant elevation. Fantastic views of the Northern Presidential range came into view, and our pace slowed way down as we stopped to take it in, both eyeball-wise and shutter-wise.
Pu views the Northern Pres'
Gloomy Northern Presidentials
View from Edmands Path
Mount Washington
Traversing to the col
Another Northern Pres View
Continuing along, we noticed that a few breaks in the clouds were visible to the west. Perhaps we'd be lucky enough to be treated to a bit of sun before the big weather change reached us.
Capturing Pu's Capture
Towards the col
Sunny visitor?
Open traverse
Rocky point on Eisenhower
It's actually clearing up!
Sure enough, as we approached the Eisenhower-Franklin Col, deep blue patches of sky appeared overhead, and a warm sun began to beat down on us. Usually the weather like to throw a nasty as we approach something scenic, but today the reverse was happening. Much appreciated!

We emerged from the trees and reached the col, which was now bathed in bright sunlight. There was no wind. It was warm. We could not have asked for better, especially considering it was the middle of winter. Above us, a rocky promontory of Eisenhower loomed. To the northeast, we could see the rock-lined trail that led to the Crawford Path / Appalachian Trail, which lead northeast towards the summits of Franklin, Monroe and, eventually, Washington. A few other hikers lounged about in the unexpected balmy weather.
A Fabulous Spot
Beautiful lighting
Wisps of the future
Mount Franklin
Graham arrives at Junction
The Crawford Path
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