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This report quickly chronicles the 2008 Adirondack 46R's annual 'winter' dinner, celebrating the end of the 2007-2008 winter climbing season and those who have managed to achieve the status of Winter 46R.

If you've been following my winter outings this past your, you'll realize that this year's annual Adirondack 46R winter dinner was a special one for Jenn and I : we had just finished our winter 46 on a glorious winter day on Haystack just a month before, on February 23.

Mark and Linda had reserved a nice hotel in downtown Lake Placid for us to all stay in, and we drove down on a beautiful sunny day (wish I'd brought my hiking stuff!) and enjoyed the excellent views from our very nicely located room. Unfortunately, both Linda (Mark's wife) and Ewart (our friend who finished his W46 with us on Haystack) couldn't make it this weekend, so it was just the three of us.
Pre-dinner drinks
Heading to Dinner
This way to dinner
After a few glasses of wine, we walked over to the Crowne Plaza hotel, where the dinner was held. This year, it was in the 'sky' room, which afforded us excellent views of the central high peaks, glowing in the late day sunlight. Very fitting.
Mark checks the roster
The Sky Room
Pre-dinner chatting
After signing in, we mingled, meeting familiar faces from the trails and from last year's dinner.
Pre-dinner chatting
Pre-dinner chatting
Pre-dinner chatting
Beautiful view outside
The SCUMBAG table
Peggy's foolin'
The dinner was excellent - lots of salad, fresh bread and butter, tasty steamed vegetables, creamy pasta, baked fish, roast beef, vegetarian lasagna, and a breaded chicken dish. Oh, and two types of tasty dessert, too!
Excellent food
Pensive chatting
Yummy dessert
After dinner, there was some more mingling, before Tony, Peggy and Mark got up to the podium to start the 'testimonials' portion of the evening, where each of the newly-minted winter 46Rs for the 2008 season get up and say a few words. I apologize to Mark and Linda for totally forgetting to mention (during my speech) about the excellent welcome they gave us at the end of our final winter 46R hike. Unexcuseable!
Spooky experimental lighting
More experimental lighting
Post-dinner chatting
Prepping for 46r speeches
Tony introduces
A few words from the legend
Congrats Jenn!
My turn now!
Thoughts about becoming a w46r
Thoughts about becoming a w46r
Thoughts about becoming a w46r
Thoughts about becoming a w46r
Observing the proceedings
After the speeches, it was time for a group shot of the new winter 46Rs (including myself and Jenn).
2008 Winter 46Rs
Post-dinner chatting
Post-dinner chatting
Post-dinner chatting
Mark chats with the Prez
A coronation?
Post-dinner chatting
Canine W46 Aspirer?
Post-dinner chatting
Post-dinner chatting
Post-dinner chatting
Many thanks to the organizers for their efforts! Jenn and I were honored to be given the opportunity to say a few words in front of everyone!
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