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courtesy BZ_and_SG
Tim in the mountains
Sath and Keene Valley
Continuing on up the trail, we left the predominantly decidious forest and entered the conifer zone. There are many sections of trail with bits of steep slab, and all of the new hikers got used to the very grippy properties of Adirondack bedrock. Trust your feet!
courtesy GGnaedinger
Keene Valley
Steep and slabby
Firs and brushy
Mid-morning Yoga
Takin' a run
Higher up, we started to encounter the wonderful rocky ridgeline of Noonmark's north ridge. We climbed up along the airy western edge of the ridge, stopping at lookout after beautiful lookout. Everyone was duly impressed with the great views over to the Great Range and the central high peaks.
Giant and Tim
Rocky and Giant
A few short ladders
Beautiful open hiking
Expansive view
Sath takes over
courtesy GGnaedinger
The rest of the way
Second ladder
James on ascent
courtesy BZ_and_SG
Look, ma - no hands!
Steeper still
Gerry at rest
Not much to say about the rest of the climb to the summit. We stopped often to take in the views, rest, and let hikers of different speeds catch up. Near the top, four of us chose the 'sporty' route - staying on the steep crest of the ridge, rather than following the trail when it avoided the steep sections. There are some primo little scrambles to be had when doing it this way - highly recommended!
Searching for the way
Aggression, part I
Woodsaber wars
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