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#1 Posted by George on
Mon Oct 08, 16:59 EDT 2007

Great work Dad!

I hope you never stop showing us "young kids" how it's done!!

#2 Posted by Rene on
Mon Oct 08, 21:59 EDT 2007

Keep challenging yourself and inspiring us!
Great pics Andrew.

#3 Posted by [anonymous poster] on
Mon Oct 15, 19:37 EDT 2007

Getting up at 5.30 is unusual for me. So I was curious why we had
to leave so early. But it soon became apparent as we approached
Lake Placid that my physical abilities would soon be tested. St Jo
did not seem so formidable for the first 15 minutes of the hike. Then
suddenly the mountain began "to show its teeth". Bolders, roots ready
to snare you when you least expected. The climb became steeper and
more difficult, strewned with large boulders to block your way. As I
write this it seems strange that I garthered strength as I progressed
upward. Finally, we were at the summit and before me the other
mountain peaks seem to applaud the efforts of a "gray haired" rookie

I have a saying that goes "listen to your body". At no time did I
entertain the notion of quitting. I met the challange and gained the
confidence that accompanies success. Now I do not feel 86 anymore.


#4 Posted by George on
Fri Oct 19, 15:26 EDT 2007

Andrew, I am, at this moment,showing this site to Sandra in Roma.
She is very impressed with your web site!

Ciao da Roma..............

#5 (Sandra's son) Posted by Alessandro on
Sun Oct 21, 10:31 EDT 2007

#6 Un saluto dall'Italia Posted by Alessandro (Sandra's son) on
Sun Oct 21, 10:39 EDT 2007

Ciao Andrew,
non ci conosciamo ma io sono Alessandro, il figlio maggiore di Sandra in Italia e mi trovo insieme a George e Alphonse e abbiamo pensato di lasciarti un messaggio.
Spero che ci incontreremo presto cosė potrai illustrarmi le belle foto che ho visto su questo tuo sito molto interessante.

Un saluto e a presto,


#7 Posted by [anonymous poster] on
Wed Oct 24, 06:29 EDT 2007


I love it that you and your Dad share such experiences. I'm a fan of your Dad's since the desert trip a few years back.

I hope I get to 86 and be as spry as he is!


#8 Mille grazie Posted by Andrew on
Wed Oct 24, 08:09 EDT 2007

Ciao, Alessandro

La ringrazio per tutti le parole cortese. Anch'io spero che ci incontreremo presto.

Ci vediamo,

#9 Posted by [anonymous poster] on
Wed Oct 24, 12:00 EDT 2007

Hi Andrew-

Now I see why you're so tough !

Better get a "46 list" started for your Dad ! He might set some kind of a record !

Perhaps we'll hike again this winter !


#10 Congratulations! Posted by [anonymous poster] on
Mon Nov 05, 13:24 EST 2007

Congratulations Aurele!
The magnificence of these places is greatest when shared with those with whom you are closest.
I hope to read your name in an Adirondack trail registration book sometime very soon.

- A fellow hiker from Kanata

#11 Posted by chris on
Wed Dec 05, 10:45 EST 2007

wow. what an awesome story. God bless.


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