Sunday, March  29, 2020
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courtesy RHanel
Andrew follows
Ascent is mostly done
Rocky profile
The steepest part is near the top, where the slide tops out right on the summit ridge of East Dix. Again, the rock is great and there are a lot of good handholds and ledges and such. I'd classify it as no worse than class 3, although if you picked the absolute hardest way there is some class 4.
courtesy RHanel
Jenn climbs final chimney
Jenn and Roland climb final chimney
Top of slide view
There were great views while ascending the slide and even more fantastic views at the crest at the top. The low slanting light of late November made everything look more dramatic. The day was beautiful, with a very nice warm breeze flowing down the slide. At the top, the winds were light. Good views to be had to the north from the top of the slide, from the Dixes, to NoonMark, to Whiteface, to Giant and Rocky Peak.

Ewart decided to stop about 150 feet below the top of the slide and await our return. We promised not to be too long!
courtesy RHanel
A feeling of accomplishment?
Arriving at summit
Beautiful Adirondack Day
A short walk on the flat summit ridge led to East Dix's summit, and more excellent and open views to the south, east and west. November days don't get much better than this!
Beautiful Adirondack Day
Roland's summit shot
Bluesy ridges
East Dix
Hiking back to the slide
The slide in profile
We took many more scenic pictures as we walked back to the top of the slide. The descent was a bit tricky in spots, but this was mostly due to the fact that at we needed to carefully avoid little rivulets and patches of ice. We took our time and slowly made our way back down to the wide iced slabs, and then cramponed carefully down to the top of the herdpath, where we rejoined with Ewart.
courtesy RHanel
A final bit of scenery watching
Roland at slide's edge
wait... one more.
Looking down from above
Rocky descent
Mixed conditions
Proper technique is important!
Almost off the slide
Scenic Fungi
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