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Originally planned as a Luke-and-Sophie fall hike outing, a last minute change of plans turned today into another climbing practice. We planned to return to the Notch Mountain Slabs, and try some slightly longer and harder routes to practice basic multi-pitched climbing techniques. (we were here two weeks ago - click here to go to that image gallery).
Pleasant Fall Colors
Fall Zooming
County Route 12
Interactive Trackmap - Nice part of drive to Notch Mountain Slabs - click map to expand
Flagged down on the road!
New Friends
Just as we arrived at the Moss Cliff parking lot at Wilmington Notch, we were flagged down by a Ford Taurus with New Jersey plates. Strangely, the driver rolls down the window and calls me by my name! Hmm... I'm starting to suspect a web connection! Sure enough, the couple who jump out of the car are apparently big fans of my website and when they saw us driving the other way in the S2000 they were positive they knew who we were, so they zoomed up and caught us. Kind of flattering!

The couple turned out to be Lori and Steve, on vacation from Chattanooga, Tennesee. They were visiting the Adirondacks for a few days and had planned a long hike up Marcy and Haystack. Unfortunately, though, Lori was feeling under the weather today, so they opted for a more sedate hike (up Cascade Mountain, it turned out). We chatted in the sunny parking lot for quite a long time - almost an hour.

It was the strangest thing to meet people who I didn't know at all and yet who knew so much about me and what I had done. I guess that's the result of such a public accounting of what I do in my life (i.e. via

After exchanging phone numbers and e-mail addresses, we made tentative plans to meet up after our hike and climb, and have dinner together in Lake Placid.
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