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This Image Gallery follows our watery journey with Roland and his sailboat. This is something which, unfortunately, doesn't occur too often: Roland is often very busy and we are often off doing some sort of silly mountain-walking. In fact, the last time I'd gone out with Roland on his boat was over two years ago. So, finally, after a bit of last-minute planning, we agreed to head out again.

The crew this time were: Roland (der capitan, of course), myself, Jenn, and Shannon. We were ready to be ordered about!

The drive down was in sunny and calm weather. Unfortunately, the forecast wasn't looking so hot, with showers and unsettled-ness for the following day. We weren't going to turn back now, however; it is hard enough organizing these outings as it is!
Arriving at Treasure Island Marina
Stuff for the weekend
The Indigo
Arriving at the Treasure Island Marina, we loaded Roland's Tanzer 7.5 with provisions. We had some pre-launch boat maintenance items that had to be completed, so we were an hour or two at the docks before we finally cast off.
Head in the head
All better now
Getting ready to cast off
The day was still bright and cheery as we pulled out of the marina's little harbour and into the wide waters of the Saint Lawrence River. We decided to head downstream a short ways, away from potentially windy weather tomorrow, and anchored in a shallow bay off of Wolfe Island. After Roland and I anchored the boat, Jenn and Roland went for a quick swim in the calm glass-smooth waters.
Heading out
Zee capitan
Deciding where to go
Jenn and sky
Billows and sky
A delightful afternoon
Andrew and Jenn
Examining Roland
The hatch
Tanzer from afar
Shannon Pose #1
Shannon Pose #2
Relaxing Jenn
View from behind
Tanzer in the sun
Dinner was a very fine Barbeque consisting of excellent burgers and a tasty variety of side foods. Roland turned on his favourite 80s music station from Kingston, and we had a delightful meal out in the open air. Later, after darkness fell, we lured Roland into playing the game Settlers of Catan (we seem to be able to get everybody to play this game!).
View from within
Our anchorage
A little swim
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