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This image gallery covers a week-long visit to Jenn's family and friends on Vancouver Island, from July 20 to July 27, 2006. The visit came after spending almost two weeks doing various mountain-y things in the coast range of BC, including:

-a seven-day mountaineering course with Canada West Mountaineering

-a three-day climb of Mount Garibaldi

-a quick dayhike of the summits of the Stawamus Chief, near Squamish

(click on any of the above if you want to read about those adventures)

So, as I was saying, after finishing off with the high-energy outdoors stuff, we headed over to the Islands to visit with Jenn's friends and family. Warning : lots of family and baby pictures in here!
Bowen Island Ferry
On the way to Vancouver Island
Garibaldi from the deck
The two "V"s
Garibaldi from the strait
Baker towers above ferry
Mom n' Dad's place!
Mel & Joan's place
The two 'J's
Joan and Mel
Anne, Joan, and Jenn
Special treatment for Welsh
Downtown Victoria
Provincial Legislature
Get-together at Cathy and Mike's
Wet feet
Andrew with kids!
Annalise and Shayla
Twisting Daddy's nose
Board game with Annalise
Beautiful View
Entrance Island
Innes Family Barbeque
Stormin' Norman
Meghan and Sophie
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