Tuesday, October  22, 2019
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Reflections of Garibaldi
Andrew reflects on yesterday
The next day was substantially cloudier, and I was glad we got our climb in when we did. We had a relatively lax day ahead of us. All we needed to do was backpack 10km over mostly downhill, well-graded trail.
Bye-bye, Elfin Lakes
Hiking back
Not much to say about the hike back - it went quickly, uneventfully, and relatively pleasantly. We were back at the trailhead by early afternoon, fully satisfied with our accomplishments of the last few days.
The Tantalus Range
Back in the forest
Looking for a girlfriend
Interactive Trackmap & Photo Points - Return to Trailhead - Click map to expand
Hike to Trailhead, Elevation over Distance
Hike to Trailhead, Elevation over Time

Hike Data Summary - Hike back to Trailhead
Start Time:
Start Elevation:
4777ft (1456m) *
End Time:
Max Elevation:
5211ft (1588m) *
Min Elevation:
3151ft (960m) *
10.03 km (6.24 mi)
End Elevation:
3159ft (963m) *
Average Speed:
3.7 km/hr (2.3 mph)
* : +/ 75 feet

We hung around Squamish that night. In keeping with the Garibaldi them, we again stayed at the Garibaldi Inn, and even went to see a movie at the Garibaldi 5 cinemas!!

The next day, Jenn and I climbed the three summits of the nearby Stawamus Chief (Note: not rock-climbed... hiking-climbed). If you'd like to see the image gallery of that outing, please click here]. Bye for now!
Kite Surfing
Kite Surfing and Garibaldi
Cinema and Namesake
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