The primary reason for this weekend's trip down to the Adirondacks was an upcoming mountaineering trip in British Columbia this coming July (2006). I had just purchased some new mountaineering boots (my old Zamberlans are nearing the end of their life!), and they needed breaking in, and quickly. This weekend was also a "track" weekend (as in, cars-going-fast-on-the-racetrack), and we had to be at the track on Saturday evening in Shannonville, Ontario. So... time was at a premium!

We put together a busy day: Drive down to the Adirondacks, do a quick hike to help the boots break-in, then drive to Shannonville, stopping along the way at Jenn's Aunt and Uncle's cottage in Gananoque, ON. A full day!

In order to ensure we had enough time to do everything, we chose a short hike, and one that Jenn and I hadn't yet done: Roostercomb mountain. This is a low-ish but interesting-looking crag we'd seen from a distance on previous hikes.
Breaking 'em in
Start of trail to Roostercomb
"Schoolyard" pond
It was rainy and gloomy on the drive down, but at the Roostercomb parking lot conditions were cloudy and humid, but dry (I am pretty sure that Keene Valley benefits from a rain-shadow of sorts from the main high peaks). I laced on the new boots and we were off just after 10am.
Open, well-constructed
Jenn zooms along
Right for Noonmark
The trail up to Roostercomb (which is also the lower part of the Great Range trail) is well-built, has good footing, and winds through pleasant open forest. We made excellent time on the way up.

Just before the top, we had a quick side-look at the Valley View lookout (pretty spot, views hazy, would be nice in the fall!)
Lower brother
Valley View lookout
Arriving at the summit
Roostercomb's summit is partially in the trees, but also partially out in the open, over a big craggy cliff. A wonderful and airy viewpoint from which to spend time looking around at all of the Adirondack Mountains around you. Today's view was pretty hazy, but we could make out Giant, Porter, Lower Wolfjaw, and a few other nearer peaks. This is a good one to add to the list of Adirondack scenic lower peaks.
Lower WJ from Roostercomb
Andrew on Roostercomb
Big dropoff
Jenn and the hazy adirondacks
Looking southeast
Leafy, green, and cliffy
Mindful of the time, we rushed back down, completing the almost 8km hike in just over 2 hours and 15 minutes (that's almost 3.5 km/hr average speed, which is pretty fast). We hopped into the car and made our way towards Kingston, crossing at Hill Island, and arriving at Stan and Pat's cottage in Gananogue shortly after 4pm. We spent a wonderful hour chatting and getting fed scrumptious antipasti, and then we were off to Shannonville raceway, and a fun evening of lapping.
Back down in the open stuff
Across the marshy stuff
A quick visit to Stan and Pat's cottage
Interactive trackmap with photo-points, click map to expand
Start Time: 10:23a.m.
End Time: 12:42p.m.
Duration: 2h18m
Distance: 7.84 km (4.87 mi)
Average Speed: 3.4 km/hr (2.1 mph)
Start Elevation: 1062ft (324m) *
Max Elevation: 2787ft (849m) *
Min Elevation: 1049ft (320m) *
End Elevation: 1071ft (327m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Total Elevation Gain: 1727ft (526m) *
Total Elevation Loss: 1716ft (523m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Elevation Graph
Elevation profiles over distance and time
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