Tuesday, December  10, 2019
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courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
Aesthetic knot
Blueberry Birch
Giant Mountain
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
We are the first ones here
Today's Gang
Jenn on Blueberry
The walking snowshoe rack
Nearing Blueberry's summit
Steeply up Blueberry
courtesy PChen
Lonely Cairn
Ever-expanding views
Hurricane Mountain
courtesy BConnell
Funky Hat!
Looking towards the next phase
Morning snack break
Obscuring the great range
Prepped for winter
From Blueberry's summit we trudged over to the cool 'rock plateau' that sits between Blueberry and Porter mountain. Dominated by a huge erratic, the open expanse of rock offers excellent views north and south, and also gave us a good look at the steep forested slope that we had to climb to get to the crest of Porter's ridge. It was starting to get very windy up here, and I could tell some in our party were a bit reluctant to stop and indulge Pu and I in our endless picture-taking.
Hiking train
Winter mountain scenery
courtesy PChen
The Erratic
V -1 bouldering?
Windswept, crisp and clear
Waiting for me to get down
Our objective
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