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I wanted to get in one more winter adk 46er climb before the winter season was officially over. March 18 looked excellent, weather-wise, so we headed down to the Adirondacks to do 'something'. We agreed that we wanted to do something in the 15km-ish range, so I suggested Phelps. Pu and Jenn had never been up Phelps, in any case, so this would be nice for them, too!

The weather was indeed fabulous as we started off on a clear, crisp but not too cold morning.
Misty Whiteface
South Meadows Register
Jenn and Pu set off
Skiiable slide?
Closeup, snowboard tracks
Pu at Marcy Dam
Is that so...?
The trail conditions were perfect. Good snow, hard packed. In fact, we bare booted all the way up to not far from Phelps' summit, where we then experimented with snowshoes and crampons, finding that crampons worked best in the hard-packed snow. As we got to the lookouts on Phelps, we were treated to spectacular winter views of the Adirondacks. There is something especially panoramic about Phelps' views.
Beauty through death
Jenn and Pu admire the view
Approaching Phelps summit ledge
Andrew and Jenn on Phelps' summit
Andrew and Jenn
Phelps Summit Ledge
We had a long hour-long lunch stop at the top, enjoying the still air and warm winter sun. Pu set a brisk pace, and we arrived at the summit in no time, only a little more than 2 and a half hours from the trailhead!
Gray Peak
Intrepid trio
The MacIntyres
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