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Hoping to cash in on another beautiful winter weekend, Jenn, Ewart, Caroline and I headed down to the Adirondacks. I wanted to try and mix in some more cross-country skiing, so we decided to ski up the AMR lake road to lower Ausable lake, then switch to snowshoes and climb Indian Head, Colvin, and Blake. This would also add two peaks to my winter 46er list, and so that was a bonus! This was also good training for the upcoming Grand Canyon backpacking trip in early April.
Sawteeth from the Golf Course
Walking to the gate
Skiing up Lake Road
A rest break along the road
Nearing Lower Ausable Lake
Ewart skiing in fresh powder
We arrived at the bank overlooking Lower Ausable Lake in short order. The ski up was pleasant and there were very few other people around. We all looked forward to the nice gradual ski descent back along lake road at the end of our day.

We switched to snowshoes, and then started up towards Indian Head. The trail was unbroken, and the powder new and deep, so it was a good workout.
The Bank
Sawteeth from Bluff
Queen of Diamonds
no, not like that
Hikers on the lake
Changing into Snowshoes
Breaking trail
Gothic Window
Icy wall
Frozen Spring
Sawteeth and Gothics
Pyramid and Gothics
Caro at Indian Head
Jenn at Indian Head
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