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Jenn on Lincoln Pk
First and Third
Lincoln peak 'summit'
Open ski turf
Nancy Hanks Peak
Ledge View
If only all trails...
Tolkien... That way...>>
Nuthin' like a good hammer
Artificially open
Pretty track
The hike is relatively easy along the ridgetop. For the most part, there are no views on the trail, except for when it crosses one of the ski operations, where there is often a stretch of open grassy area to cross. We rush a little, because my deadline to finish is 2pm, and we still have a ways to go. My 20D needs to go in for focus re-alignment in Montreal, and I have to get there before closing time at 5pm!!!
Looking back south
Pretty feather
Congrats at Ellen summit
Have you seen my eye?
Mansfield and the Hump
Colorful Valley
Champlain Valley
The last bit of trail after Mount Ellen (I didn't talk too much about it because it is completely treed!) is actually the most difficult. The trail is no longer level here, but loses and gains more elevation. It is also more rough and muddy, which adds to the strenousness. And to top it off, the trail does a switchbacking detour just as it gets to Appalachian gap, descending down more than 100 feet below the level of the gap before re-climbing back up. Slightly frustrating, partially because I'm not sure why the trail does this!
Long Trail Junction
Towards a skilift station
Mad River Glen
Take me down!!!
Heading back into the woods
LT shelter
That way to Mansfield
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