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This page documents a soggy but enjoyable climb of Camel's Hump in Vermont. Let's get right into the story, shall we? Well, for starters, it started raining buckets the instant we got out of the car at the western trailhead to Camel's Hump. We almost turned around at that point, but the more hardy among us figured what the hey... so we went anyway. Fortunately, the rain did relent shortly after we started hiking, and by the time we reached the ridgeline and the Long Trail, we were mostly just hiking in very moist but non-rainy conditions.

Country Lane to Camel's Hump
Rainy Trailhead
Leafy and wet
"You don't say!!"
Now heading along the Long trail
Emerging out into lookouts
Yep, they're green
As we made our way north along the Long Trail, we enjoyed views of misty clouds in nooks and crannies of the green peaks below - something Pu enjoyed immensely. We continued north on the Long Trail, getting our first views of Camel's Hump's summit.
Andrew, Pu and Jenn
Eastward to New Hampshire
Sprinting Pu
Boot on Foliated Rock
Looming Hump
Getting closer!
Nearing Treeline
The final bit up to the summit is quite enjoyable, with a good chunk of above-treeline walking. There were actually a few other people at the summit, amazingly, and there were still views to be had, even though it started spitting a bit of rain on us again. We didn't tally long.
Pu and Ewart on scramble
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