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Hazy Maine Morning
Widening and steepening
Winding our way up
The way up the Abol trail was indeed very steep, involving a lot of boulder scrambling up an old slide path. The day was super hot and super humid, and we were all dripping in sweat in no time. The views off in the distance were limited even though it was mostly clear.
Some scrambling required
Caro and the mists of Maine
The nature of the beast
Higher altitude break
Cath and Mike climb upwards
Jenn ascending
Rocky slopes
Nearing the edge
Cath and Mike
Francois above the clouds
We eventually reached the edge of the broad flat expanse of the Katahdin Tablelands. Very beautiful bit of Alpine Tundra up there! It was only a short, relatively gentle climb to the summit from here!
Brian reaches the edge
Hunt Trail ridge
The Katahdin Tablelands
Alpine Flowers
Alpine Flowers
A rest on the rim
Thoreau Spring
Ascending the final slopes
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