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Jenn and I wanted to get one last training hike in before the Grand Canyon. We wanted something short, since we needed to be back for dinner with my mom later that evening. I wanted to do something different as well. So, let's see, what's short, potentially interesting, and something I haven't done before? Well, Mt. Adams and its firetower came to mind. It is a short little hike (about 3.5 km one way), fairly steep (1700 to 3550 feet), and has what is reputed to be an excellent view from the old fire tower on top. And, I'd never gotten around to doing it! So, this would be the day.

The weather forecast was for it to partially clear by mid-morning. Unfortunately, it looked solidly cloudy with a few flurries as we started off - not too hopeful for a good view.

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46er patch for the first time
Mt. Adams Trailhead
The Hudson near its source
Acorn in the snow
Crossing Jimmy Lake
Old Ruin
The hike started off mostly on the flat, quickly crossing the brook-like Hudson river, then an arm of Lake Jimmy, then past an old mining ruin. A side spur trail to mt. Adams is reached shortly after the ruin. The weather continued gray, breezy, and a little snowy.

The spur trail starts of moderately, then becomes quite steep as it climbs about 1500 feet in less than 1.5 km. We reach the top well before 11 am. The tower stands silently and sturdily against the blustery spring day.
De-layer break
Nearing the top
Mt. Adams Fire Tower
Latticework into the sky
Jenn down below
Table with a view
Window on the world
Windy lunch stop
We carefully climb the tower, which has many little repairs done on it, I notice. At the top it is much windier. Although still quite scenic, I know that there is a super-spectacular view being hidden by these clouds. We wait around, hoping for the predicted clearing of the skies to come while we are up here. But nope, doesn't happen!
The old mining site
Calamity mountain
The trail junction to Adams
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