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Our fourth 'Kili training hike'. Not the best weather day, but the promise of snowy and/or icy conditions and the fact that we were running out of days before Kili made us go. I chose Wright because it was short, relatively steep, and had an open summit where I hoped we'd get a chance to get Yi to try out crampons and become comfortable with them.

We had a devil of a time getting her crampons adjusted due to sticky adjustment screws, and that delayed our start until almost 9am. The trails had less snow on them then I had expected, since the recent forecast had been for up to a foot and a half of new snow. Instead, we bare-booted all the way up to the waterfall on the trail up to Wright / Algonquin.
Crampon Fitting
Getting ready at the center
Pu enjoying the trees
courtesy Caro
courtesy Caro
Sara in B and W
Jenn in B and W
Andrew and Jenn in Middle-Earth
courtesy Caro
Winter Birches
Peter in B and W
Scenic Waterfall
Examining the waterfall
Snowy Trail
Rocky sub-summit
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