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This is a quick image gallery of an excellent 'ride and hike' day a few of us from the Ottawa chapter of S2KI went on on August 1, 2004. It was a humid, hot, mostly sunny day (a little damp in the morning).
Early S2K riders
Sunrise at the Bear's Den
Twisties begin
We hiked drove down via Cornwall, and hit as many twisty backroads as I could think of, and avoided the main highways as well. We hiked up an excellent intro peak called Catamount mountain. (actually, Darcy and I ended up running up and down a lot of it!)
Partway up Catamount
Darcy in the Chimney
On south summit
View from summit
Darcy hiking on open mountain terrain
S2000s under Catamount
Darcy on some nice twisties
After the hike, its off to Lake Placid for a quick bite and then more focus on more twisties!
Crusing to Lake Placid
Lake Placid for Lunch
new S-Pods
Another S-Pod shot
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