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Cresting Candy Mountain
The second parade lap was a little faster, testing Jenn's sense of nervousness a little, but the speeds were still low, and we were way below the maximum grip level of the S2000, so I wasn't worried about heading off into the weeds. After our second parade lap, we came into the pits, and I switched into the driver's seat.
Heading towards the duck
Jenn at the helm
Top-down at CMP
Into the Quarry
Off-course wheel damage
Off-track damage
Watchin' the cars go by
I spent a lot of time out lapping on this great new track. There are so many turns, and so many different ways to approach them. There wasn't enough time to experiment, try different lines, learn to brake later, and a myriad of other things to improve my driving on this track. Time and gas, actually - by 11am, I'd pretty much exhausted a good three-quarters of a tank and had to call it a day. My wheels were covered in a dark black layer of brake dust. They'd been worked hard!

The track owners were nice enough to extend our session by 20 more minutes to compensate us for our late start (unfortunately I didn't go out 'cause I didn't have enough fuel to do so). As far as I know, we had only one 'off' - a Nissan Sentra SE-R that went off into the dirt and damaged a rim. Our group kept it clean, which I felt good about. We've consistently been a sane and sensible bunch, and today, even on a trickier track, we continued that tradition.
Subi Shot #1
Subi Shot #2
Luke at Calabogie
M3 Roadster
M3 Roadster
Luke, Again
I'd like to thank Luc Lacourciere for dealing with all the postponements and logistical wranglings to make this lapping day happen. I appreciate it and hope it is the first of many at this track! Until next year, then... bye-bye, Calabogie Motorsports Park!
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