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One-lap wonder
Lots of cars heading for deliverance
Trying out higher shutter speeds
Viper closeup
Solitary Z4
One of two yellow C6s
What a scenic track
A view to the Paddock
Have a look at the trackmap below (double-click on the map to expand it). I left the GPS on for one of my lapping sessions and there's a pretty detailed outline of the track, along with where I took a few key pictures.
Interactive Detail of Track with Photo points - Double Click to Expand
Final Lap
Another round for the bikes
Another round for the bikes
Class C
Snorting Bulls
Exoto-badge number 1
Our final lapping session was a nice step up in speed. I was having to work hard now to keep up with the 911GT3 and Carrera S that were ahead of me - in fact, they were definitely pulling away in places. To be expected, I suppose - they are world-class track cars!

That ended up being our last session of the day, and I was more than satisfied. I'd like to thank the track builders and I'd like to thank Luc (for inviting me along today). It is fantastic to have this superb facility just an hour's drive from Ottawa, and I'm anxiously looking forward to next week's lapping session! Stay tuned!
Exoto-badge number 2
Exoto badge number 3
Bye-bye Calabogie
Reflecting on the day
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