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OPP Civic Si
Quarry complex from above
Paddock from behind
Yellow Cayman
More automotive works of art
Many turns
After our "banyard" lapping session, Luc and I headed to a high berm above the sunken quarry area. This will be a great place to watch events at this park: you can see six or seven different turns from this perspective, some of them good for overtaking.
Quarry One
Wicked Wilson
Fall day at CMP
Weather moving in.
Lapping starts again!
Gallardo from above
Follow the leader
Another GT!
Light and Nimble
360 Spyder
Long line
Trusty Miata
C6 at Wicked
Climbing out of the Quarry
Crusin' the straight
Galloping Gallardo
Next, Luc and I got permission to head into the infield to capture some images from a different perspective. Below you'll notice some shots of turns 1, 8 and 9. Turn 8 is a tricky one - called "Temptation", and is a decreasing radius turn with a fairly high-speed entrance.
Luc surveys the action.
Temptation through the trees
Corvette and SSR
Enter into temptation, ye Porsches
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