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Ready to Launch
C6 Cockpit
And the're off!
Another pack leader
Gallardo in Temptation
Two-wheelers turn
Admiring the GT
Excellent Lunch
Class A lineup
Milling about
After another outing, this time at a notch-up in speed (boy, some of the track's turns are going to require some thought!), we return to the paddock to find a superb lunch put out by a local restaurant (the Duck Restaurant). The day continues to be warm and beautiful - I don't think they could have hoped for a nicer intro day.
The team poses
Emergency stuff
Barnyard laps
After lunch, we were offered a scenic tour around the track, on a couple of trailers pulled by pickup trucks. This was a great way to have a slow-speed look at the details of the track - and it was a way for me to get a few pictures of some of the turns, which you can see below!
Approaching Turn 2
Turn 2
Along the back straight
Down into Mulligans turn
Big Rock
Up the hill
Another short straightaway
Cattle car #2 follows...
The Throat!
The throat, again
Up, up, up
Old Quarry Complex
Enjoying the ride
Class E?
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