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Bathurst Christmas Visit
December 2019
A quick image gallery documenting my visit back to home town of Bathurst, New Brunswick -- primarily to visit my mother -- over Christmas of 2019.
Varrily Street
Making it livable
Hello Gaetano
Poking around
My Dad
Nicolas Denys Monument
Ruined Millsite
Ruined Millsite
New Paths
Holy Family Cemetery
for myself..
Christmas Dinner Prep
Traditional Alphonse Xmas dinner
The Nephews
Christmas Crusties
Gift time
Old Post Office
Forlorn Main Street
Inner Harbour
The empty intersection
Bathurst Xmas 2019
Busy Bee
Comeau visitation
Comeau visitation
New comforter
Rosy Resources Sunrise
Video Clips : Bathurst Christmas Visit 2019
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