Sunday, December  9, 2018
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Twice a year for some time now, Asmir has been inviting us to take part in his mom's gastronomic celebration of the feast of Eid. I think that there are probably too few pictures of Asmir's Mom's great cooking on this website, so I thought I would put together an image gallery that has nothing but that in it!
Veggie Plate
Lamb and Potatoes
Phyllo with cheese
Pastry from above
Pecena Jangnjetina sa krompirom
Stuffed Onions
Pita Swirls
Oblique Pastry shot
Sogan Dolma
Okra Stew
Babnja sa jagnjetion
Delicious Eating
Splitting the pastry
Pita, Onion, Potatoes, Salad
Dynasty Cake
Two types of Baklava
A dynastic slice
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