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Fortunately, our day at Carleton Provincial Park turned out to be non-rainy. It was cloudy, and the clouds were low, but after the semi-torrential rains of the previous days, clouds and no rain seemed just fine. On the plus side, there was absolute solitude and we saw not a soul. The downsides? Low clouds meant no views, and the park has a farily large amount of trash lying about, along with a good helping of vandalism, and graffiti. Just hike the main Mt. Carleton trail and have a look at the fire tower - you'll see what I mean.
Mount Carleton Provincial Park
Nictau Lake
Mount Carleton trailhead
Trail to headwaters
Swollen brook
Headwaters campground
This is the start of summer??
Emerging from the trees
Jennifer and mist
Getting craggy
Bleak terrain
Andrew scrambles along
On the ridge
Nearing the summit
Sheltered pocket
Practising photography
Summit firetower
Interior, summit building
Framed Crags
What kind of poo....?
The return trail
More evidence of non-intelligent locals
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