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In terms of our driving ethos, Luke and I are all about remaining as un-insulated as possible from the car and the road. We are not looking for a video game experience, where a car's systems are massaging and managing all input. During spirited and focused driving, we almost invariably drive with all traction and stability aids turned off (assuming that's possible). We feel that not doing so means that we cannot fully feel the chassis of the vehicle beneath us. It is hard to know the true limits of a vehicle, or to feel its true essence, if its systems are always insulating you.
Traction and Stability OFF!
We Seek Sinuosity
Twisty Road Compilations, Pre-google
Accommodations Near Great Roads
Researching the Nordschleife
Understanding the North Loop
Dreaming of a Future Boxster?
The GTS Chronicles Promo Video

Thanks for reading this far. We enthusiastically invite you, if you haven't already done so, to watch the promo video we've created below. It summarizes, contextualizes, and re-explains this incredible journey that we hope to make and to document. If you have any questions or comments, we'd be thrilled to field them. You may contact us at info@gtschronicles.com, or alternatively you can use the main contact dialog on the homepage of https://alavigne.net. Also, follow our timeline feed at @gtschronicles on Instagram. Thanks for your time!
GTS Chronicles Official Promo Video

The original 2022 version of the above pitch is viewable here.
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