Monday, June  17, 2019
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Now back at our apartment, we elected to do an eat-in dinner, taking advantage of a recommended pizzeria that was only a few tens of metres from the front door. This close proximity meant our pizza was still piping hot as we opened up the box in our kitchen and hungrily dug in.
Dinner at home
Kiss Me
After dinner, we decided to head out for an hour-long nighttime photography session, with the objective of trying to capture some good night-time scenes of Venice (both Roland and I took tripods). The streets seemed quite nearly deserted in the general vicinity of our apartment: no boat traffic and very little foot traffic. As a result, the waters of the canals were almost entirely still, save for tiny riffles formed from the light breeze. One is struck by the relative silence here - no motors, no machinery, no voices, and only the occasional clank of cutlery from an open window.
Nighttime in the Campiello
San Nicolo dei Mendicoli
Quiet Rio
Old, historic stillness
Rio di San Nicolo
Calle Streta
Lit Corner
Rio S. Maria Maggiore
Nighttime reflections
Our nighttime photography shoot was relatively successful. We captured several nice pictures of quiet streets and still waters, all moodily-lit by infrequent street lamps.

We returned to the apartment and turned in for the night. The next day would bring a big change - from the canals of Venice to the craggy heights of the Dolomite Mountains.
Interactive trackmap with photo points - Venice Day 2 - click map to view
As a final cap to day 2, here's a montage video - set to music - of a day in the life of Venice, as we observed it.

A Venetian Day, Set to Music

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