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#1 Pinnacle Trail Posted by Jon Cammarata on
Wed. Jul. 10, 09:51 EDT 2019

Hi Andrew, loved the Skylight from Elk Lake write-up. It was nice to see a quieter set of trails less-traveled. I've hiked from Elk Lake to do the Dix range, but never towards Panther Gorge yet. I was wondering if you'd ever done Colvin and Blake, and just kept going southwest down what my maps call the Pinnacle Trail. That trail ends at the trail you hiked on in this write up, near the Stillwater outlet, on AMR property. I was wondering if the Pinnacle trail offered any good views, like the Jay Peak trail does, perchance?

Hope your trip out west goes well. Thanks!

#2 Posted by Andrew on
Wed. Jul. 10, 19:19 EDT 2019


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