Friday, January  17, 2020
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#1 Great TR ... Posted by Julie Moran on
Sun Apr 06, 22:30 EDT 2014

Great trip report, how jealous I was to read this report -- I've been wanting to repeat that trip for many months now -- I'm excited to revisit that loop.  Do you think Mike could have handled the Gothics R-T piece to the sub-summit?  Also, did all of you use two axes each for the final piece?

 Photos were great (and Jenn got quite a lot in there today too!)  Julie + Mike

#2 re: Great TR ... (in reply-to message #1) Posted by Andrew on
Mon Apr 07, 14:47 EDT 2014
For the particular snow conditions we were experiencing (i.e. relatively soft), yes, Mike could have managed it for sure.

We only had one axe apiece (in fact, on that particular day, a good pole would have sufficed). 

Of course, that all goes out the window if the conditions are hard and slippery. 


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