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Sep. 24, 2022 (Sat.)
Elevation: 4627 feet; Order of Height: 12
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Brittan Fell, David Journeaux, Nick Turchak
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An beautiful fall intro hike on one of the Adirondack's nicest short 46R ascents - the ridge trail on Giant Mountain.

Originally this was planned to be an ascent of Wright Peak, but crowds upon crowds drove us from that objective. Noonmark's parking area is now reserve-only (which I did not know); we therefore fell back to Giant's excellent Ridge trail. A little steep and a little rough in places, but very beautiful and not long.

After finding a spot to squeeze ourselves in amongst the very long line of cars, we saddled up and began our ascent. Everyone ooh'd and aah'd at the super frequent and super scenic open slabs on the mid-part of the ascent, and in general today's newcomers made quick work of the steep but short climb. The summit was bright and beautiful but quite chilly and uncomfortable, so we did not stay for long. Initially quick on the descent, Brittan's knees were bothering her in the lower part of the descent, drawing out our arrival back at the trailhead a bit. All in all, an excellent intro... and congrats to the new Adirondack 1ers!

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