Time Exposure shot - looking towards the radiant
The meteors start falling fast and furious - at one point we are seeing 3 or 4 in a second - definitely in excess of the 1000 per hour rate. We are seeing a genuine meteor storm!

This is a better shot, a bit shorter and in a darker part of the sky. It is pointing more or less directly at the 'radiant', or at the apparent spot in the sky from which the meteors appear to come. For this shower, the radiant is in the constellation of Leo the Lion (hence the name 'leonids').

In any case, this shot manages to capture no fewer than 6 meteors - amazing considering the low light sensitivity of the film/lens combination. There were many many more meteors than this during the time the shutter was open - these are just the faint images of the brightest ones. Again, if you are having trouble seeing the meteors, have a look at the next picture - it outlines them.
This image is from the presentation "2001 Leonid Meteor Storm".

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