Crazy pigeons on Andree
In a dry part of the square, we are greeted with another amazing sight. A massive flock of pigeons is attacking a little girl, landing all over her; and they are thick on the ground, so thick that all you see is grey and feathers - no cobblestones are visible. Nearby stands a bird-feed vendor. Somehow these particular pigeons have become so tame that if you have food they will land on you, en-masse, clambering over each other in an almost frenzy. Bob gives Andree some bird seed and is engulfed, as can be seen in the pictures.

When the "acqua-alte" hits, portable walkways go up in the squares so that tourists can walk around without getting wet. Locals usually don galoshes and go about their business. It is not uncommon to see police officers directing foot traffic while standing in the water with hip-waders. As can be imagined, the sea also gets into houses and buildings, and when we visit the ancient San Marco Church, the entire foyer is underwater, beautiful tiled floor and all.
This image is from the presentation "The 2002 Europe Trip - Main Narrative".

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